One Voice ─ I will go and do 2020


We would like to let you know of a sing-along video project [One Voice - I Will Go and Do] that we are doing for the Youth and YSA of our area. We hope that this project will be a good opportunity for them to have some fun while they are stuck at home and can not gather together due to the covid-19 situation. Please share this information with the Youth, YSA and leaders in your units.

[One Voice – I Will Go and Do]

How to submit:

  1. Choose a language and a part combination that you want to sing. You can select, record and submit more than one combination if desired.

    *Language: English, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian
    *Part: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass

  2. Watch the instructional video to learn how to make a video recording of your part(s).
  3. Record your singing.
  4. Submit the completed video(s) to the provided email account.

*Please write 'I give you the all the rights to use my image including video, audio, and picture.' and signature. If you are under 18 years old, please include your parent's signature.'

Deadline: May 31

We apologize for the sudden and short notice, but we hope that as many people as possible can participate in this project. Even non-members are welcome to participate.

English sheet music download link

Korean sheet music download link

Japanese sheet music download link

Mongolian sheet music download link

Instructional video for filing with Piano accompaniment